How we got here-2106 Election- 11/9 update

Even Trump’s torch-like hair is the right metaphor for what his candidacy is: a Molotov Cocktail.  Trump supporters are united in their detest of Hillary and the establishment and the irresistible desire to blow it up has blinded them into falling into the Trap.   It should be evident by now that Donald Trump is an invention of the left, a hand-picked fatally egotistical dupe set up to be the only person Hillary could beat.  Talk about a dream candidate, this one was cooking for a couple of decades.  All these 30+ year-old accusations are the crescendo they never thought would be necessary to dredge up to beat the self-destructive narcissist.

All this was known years ago.   Trump/Stern interviews alone were enough fodder to bury him.  Bury him too early and a stronger, more rational candidate emerges so a desperate cadre of Hillary backers prop up the floozie.   The breathing machine Trump needed to get through the primaries was the $3 billion in free press by the leftwing media, building up Trump, flattered by his wealth and celebrity and most of all his ratings.   The other 16 Republican saps paid dearly for air time ads while Trump reaped free interviews, multiple guest appearance, start to end coverage of his speeches and every single controversy covered ad nauseum.  The anti-Hillary crowd fell for the floozie like a cheap spy novel.

Trump rode the free ride into the nomination believing in true narcissist fashion he did it on his own.  It’s the same vanity of denying his dad made him rich and connected before he even got started.    The same vanity that leads him to attack the looks of his accusers rather than the substance.   The eternal 12-year old child.  Absent a video of Bill committing an undeniable crime, America is going to get Hillary in the White House.  The sad thing is, after all this, he remains a less destructive and dangerous choice for America than Hillary.

Bob Dylan said it best: “The Masters make the rules for the Wise Men and the Fools.”


11/9, well, I missed that one a bit, pleasantly surprised the anger with the status quo was enough to overcome all the institutional barriers for a Trump win.   Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania victories was very impressive hat trick.   Now we have a chance for sane legislation and end of gridlock.   Hope the Republicans don’t fumble this once in a generation opportunity to return power to the people.

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