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Hillary Milhous Clinton- Post election update 11/10

If Hillary had 61,000 emails in four years, half of which she deleted, there needs to be an accounting of what she did with her time. When did being Secretary of State become a part time job?  At 4 minutes per email, working 10 hour days, she wasted 200 days on “yoga appointments and Chelsea’s decorator”.   She is a lawyer, and knows lawyers are not permitted to delete emails that could even have the possibility of being subpoenaed.  Our government owes the people a forensic look at the legality of her actions.  But the larger question: At what point does character overwhelm a win-at-any-cost mentality?  Only Democrats know.

More disturbing is the use of the Bill and Hillary Foundation to launder money and gain wealth.  They took in $2+ billion and gave only 15% of it to charity.   They spent 85% on salaries and “other”.   However ‘legal’ this may be, for politicians who build their careers on demonizing the 1% as undeserving get rich in the most undeserving of ways, nakedly selling access to power by scamming the very tax laws for which you demagogue others.  Again, Democrats, what is the standard you have for America?

More than one pundit has compared Hillary to Nixon, declaring her more Nixonian than Tricky Dick himself.  A better comparison is Napoleon Bonaparte, not the diminutive French emperor but the chief antagonist in  George Orwell’s Animal Farm .    Recall the time Hillary claimed to turn $1000 into $100,000 by trading cattle futures.   For her entire life, she has envied the 1%, craved to be the 1%, willing to sell her soul to be the 1% and willing to cheat the taxpayer to get there.   With the foundation, it’s the logical extension of trading cattle mythological futures.   Is our integrity so unimportant that we would elect someone like this to be our President?

11/10/16  My faith is restored in the American people.  He decades of dishonest behavior was just too much for most Americans, so much so that we elected the second worst person to be our president.  At least he has an experienced congress to guide him.   Hope for reform.   Hope she goes to jail.  No way she should get a pass on what others are being jailed for.  Her dues are not paid in full.