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While each culture has its own view of guns and gun ownership, there are some rational ways to arm a population to deter lone wolf acts of terror.   While respecting France’s long history of gun control, it would make sense to empower any ex-military or police-trained individual to conceal carry.   That would add 50-75,000 potentially armed Frenchmen to deter the kind of mass slaughters we witnessed at the Bataclan where gunmen are allowed to reload and reload.   It would be a right but not an obligation and anyone electing to participate should be recognized as a type of national guard who act out of duty to an exigent circumstance.  Active military would also have the right while in civilian clothes or off duty.

I would empower Americans similarly, a national right to carry for those so trained and vetted.   Not unlike airline marshals, the unknown good-guy-with-a-gun is a powerful deterrent.

Our next president has a lot of damage to repair from Obama’s divisive and dispassionate style of governing.  The world has unraveled as Americans are as divided as ever.   Hillary will be more of the same.  So will anti-immigration, pro-prison law and order Republicans.    We need a leader who inspires and can lower the rhetoric long enough to get Americans going on the same path.   Are we wise enough to find that person.

The anti-refugee hysteria on the part of many of my closest friends in government is distressing.  It gives way to the worst impulses.   None want any responsibility for why they are at our doorstep : Obama’s willful abandonment of the Syrian people when timely support would have had great effect.    Now we reap the whirlwind.    Like Bush 41 did to the Shia of Iraq, like Clinton did to the Tutsi’s in Rwanda and 43 did to the moderate Sunni’s in Iraq, American presidents can facilitate mass slaughter by their failures to act.

Rahm Emanuel should not only resign but serve some time for delaying the release of the Laquan McDonald shooting.     Emanuel, a Clinton protege, takes a page from the Clinton playbook:  Cover it up, delay it, hide it, deny it, demonize the other side, do just anything to put personal reward  over the good of the people they are elected to serve.   Rahm didn’t give a rat’s ass about McDonald.  Reelection was way more important.   How else can he preside over  these black people that are owned by the Democrats worse than any Plantation owner controlled their ancestors.    When one group votes lockstep without much accountability, it will soon become taken for granted and used.



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