Yemen-Growing New Terrorists

We turned a blind eye to the Saudis who since 1979 have promoted, funded and exported the Wahhabi poison that threatens our way of life.   Saudis knocked down our towers and attacked the Pentagon using our own equipment.   They timed it beautifully between an indifferent Clinton and an unprepared Bush (aided by clueless intelligence services).   In response, we attacked three other countries and borrowed billions from one enemy (China) to purchased fuel from our Saudi killers to prosecute 15 years worth of war on the symptoms of threat, not the cause.   It has only spread the cancer.

If you are surprised or offended that thousands of people want to kill us, it’s time to seriously challenge your own understanding of how  our leaders  have long taken action contrary to American values that has earned us this scorn.  When the Great Hypocrite bombs your village (by Saudi proxy) it is fertile ground for terrorists.   It’s easy to cite the good we do the world but to the 5-year old Syrian boy covered in dust it ‘ain’t nothing but words’.

In spite of all we know, we now facilitate the indiscriminate slaughter of the Houthis in Yemen.   Thousands of civilians die as we share logistics with the Saudis, and reload their bombers.   The US has decided it’s good to favor Sunni over Shia even if it funds ISIL by default.  It’s good for the weapon selling business.  Twenty years from now, who will control the hearts of children raised with this reality.   These are future suicide bombers in diapers.  Tell your children to be on the lookout for them.


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