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Syria el al

The anti-refugee hysteria on the part of many of my closest friends in government is distressing.  It gives way to the worst impulses- fueling the likes of Donald Trump.   None want the US to accept any responsibility for why they are at our doorstep : Obama’s willful abandonment of the Syrian people when timely support would have had great effect.  (not to mention America’s support of two generations of genocidal sociopaths named Assad)  We now hear that we ‘don’t have a dog in this fight’.  Hell, we armed both dogs to the teeth!   When senior Assad wiped out 30,000 of his own people, we didn’t flinch.  Junior learned well.  So now we reap the whirlwind.    Like Bush 41 did to the Shia of Iraq, like Clinton did to the Tutsi’s in Rwanda and Bush 43 did to the moderate Sunni’s in Iraq, American presidents can facilitate mass slaughter by their failures to act.  Obama now has his own slaughtered thousands that will forever stain his legacy.   America will pay a price for decades to come.

American hands are as bloody as any in a century where we changed foreign governments at will (I say ‘we’ in the editorial sense in that we all own what is done in our name around the world).  The CIA was responsible for countless coups and assassinations that doomed millions to slavery, torture, exile, oppression and despair.   Pick the decade and pick the president and there is failure to respect the God-given rights of local populations that led us to where we are today.    Mossadegh in Iran, Arbenz in Guatemala, Lumumba in the Congo, Trujillo in the Dominican Republic (the most justified), Diem in Vietnam, Goulart in Brazil, and Allende in Chile are the admitted ones.  The current king of Jordan’s own grandfather was deposed in 1952 in favor of his father with CIA help.   Clearly, it was the fashion at the time, and judging decades old decisions is tricky, but we can’t say “not our business” without some price to be paid.    The hatred of the US by Muslims is a relatively new phenomenon birthed in the Carter administration.   Before then such extreme views were snuffed out by local rulers but has not only been allowed to spread but the Saudis have indeed fueled the fire that rages today.



Guns in America

It’s an issue that would never have been complicated but for the serious decline in the collective integrity of the American people.   We once left our homes unlocked and our lives relatively unguarded.  Over the past forty years- we’ve seen steady erosion of standards once thought inviolable where moral relativity has sought its lowest common denominator.   Vulgarity and violence are endemic.  Start there. We are unable to shield our children from degrading culture at a time when the quality of parenting is the difference in success or jail.   Life becomes cheap.  Education is a joke.   Emphasis on integrity and responsibility is nonexistent.  Justice is for the rich and well-connected.  Self-indulgence and self-pity is rampant, and feed by politicians who find job security in making dependents of their constituents.  Perception controls reality and in a nation of 330 million, the Laws of Nature dictate that a tiny minority will act irrationally.    Crazed shooters are now the norm.

We have to find better ways to stop those few because wholesale restrictions on guns is never going to work.   We have to change the way we track and restrict mentally ill people.   Unfortunately, for a handful of Americans, the right to own a gun should be restricted.   A certain mental diagnosis should include a requirement that any gun ownership by that person have government review.   Caregivers and family members would be held responsible for making accessible any weapons not so registered.

The enforcement of personal responsibility has to be stressed.   I have long proposed that gun ownership should have the most stringent requirements for personal responsibility.   Each gun should have a registered owner and with each gun would come absolute liability.   Any criminal action by the weapon would be the liability of the owner.    Liability would rest with the gun owner for an accidental or willful shooting by others, or if it is used in a crime without being discharged.   How would a gun owner mitigate this strict liability?   Liability would be mitigated or transferred according to the actions of the gun owner.   A gun requiring a fingerprint technology to be fired would  absolve the owner if the gun is taken and somehow used.    Same would be true for a trigger lock.  It puts the onus on the gun owner to secure his gun.  It would make him a lot more care who borrows it, and who has access.  The San Bernardino killings involved a neighbor giving them assault weapons without any notification requirements to authorities.  No action seems to be pending against the provider of weapons.   Under a strict liability law, the neighbor would have had to notify the government and get permission to sell or give the gun to Farook.    This would end the business of guns changing hands privately without any ability for the government to know where they are going.  It would end or reduce straw buyers and add restrictions to gun shows.  When a few of these careless gun owners go down for the crimes committed by untracked guns, fewer will change hands.   It’s one small solution of the many required to end this epidemic.