Gay Marriage and Republican Values

I take some pride in having favored gay marriage years before both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama “evolved” on the subject.   Gratitude is owed to gay friends who years ago helped pioneer the cause and convinced me of its importance.

It is simply a matter of civil rights, not approval/disapproval of gays or gay lifestyles (whatever that means).  If the state can (as it does) confer a benefit to citizens who marry, then two consenting same-sex people should have the right to claim this civil benefit.  End of story.

If churches want to outlaw it, that should be there prerogative.  If preachers do not wish to perform gay weddings, that should be their prerogative.  If bakers don’t want to make cakes for gay weddings, that should be theirs as well.   But the state cannot deny the right to a benefit it creates to some of the peoople, so at a minimum a legal state method much be provided.    This does not imply the nonsense permutations that “four people” can get married or “brother and sister” can get married because the state does not allow these in any case.   But two consenting adults are two consenting adults and anyone paying attention to the multitude of gay weddings is witness to the fact these have done no harm to society.  Republicans should support this on two principles: civil (human) rights and freedom of expression.   And God forbid they get on the right side of an issue before it is ancient history.

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