Immigration is the lifeblood of this country.  People wanting to live in America represent a vastly undervalued asset that will not only propel growth but demographically rescue America from its falling birthrate.  We are insane to use words like “illegal alien” and “lawbreakers” when addressing these hard working, industrious people.   The failure lies solely in the hands of our lawmakers.  Immigration policy fails the simplest and most critical test: does it reflect the Laws of Nature?   One such law- Labor follows Capital, should be the guiding principle of immigration reform.    In the best of times, when there was demand for 600,000 labor/farmworker jobs a year, that many people streamed across the (mostly southern) border.   When the jobs went away, the majority of them went home.

We could handle a lot more immigrants if we found a way to keep track of them and better understood their roles in our economy and communities.    In the same way Visa seems to know that you didn’t buy a latte in Hong Kong, and Apple can find your stolen phone, we have the technology to accomplish this.   I humbly suggest an all encompassing Immigrant Card that could be required of every non citizen seeking to live or work here.     Immigrants would be required to carry the IC at all times, much like a drivers license.   The card would contain all of the holder’s personal information, including vital statistics, social security number, drivers license number, and immigration status.  The card would have a GPS chip so that there would be no more claims of losing track once they get here.   Immigrants would be required to have their paychecks loaded onto the cards like debit cards, so their income does not escape the taxman and can be traced.   The government would then know who they are, what they do, how much they make, how much they spend, where they spend it and when they need to go home.  Being caught without the card would be cause for deportation.   I believe this works because first an immigrant is given a chance to follow the rules and fill a job without being stranded at the border, or trapped in a foreign land.  If they break this rule, there is no reason to show mercy which provides some balance for the sacrifice we are asking legal immigrants to make with this accommodation.      Even a temporary card, with GPS chip could be required of certain tourist visas, especially from countries where a number of such visitors disappear into the undocumented community.

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